Itís the year 2101. In this futuristic world thereís a virtual game called Haiba battles. (Holographic Artificial Intelligent Battle Angels). This game is popular among teens worldwide. In this game people customize battle angels; these angels develop their own personalities and are customizable by their trainers. Once equiped with the coolest outfit and awesome weapons, they battle each other for fame in the Haiba virtual world and the title of the strongest, coolest.

Our story begins with Bridget. Bridget is too poor to afford a Haiba of her own, as they are deemed a novelty by the middle and upper classes. That is until one day a haiba key finds its way to her and automatically registers her as his trainer. However, the angel seems to be completely blank. No personality, no intelligence, not even a voice. Still Bridget accepts him as her Haiba and the two struggle to gain acceptance. With her friends Drew and Trey she learns the ways of Haiba battles. However, it wouldnít be long till she realizes that her angel isnít broken, but rather a new breed of angel. Unlike most angels who are trapped in the holographic virtual space, her angel can come out int the real world. There are people who are after that kind of power to use a battle angel in the real world to dominant it.
Itís up to Bridget to protect her new angel, as well as climb her way to the top to be one of the top Haiba trainers.

Haiba Reload was started in the summer of 2007. I havenít had much time to work on it, but I hope someday to continue writing. Itís similiar to the anime series Angelic Layer, but I had never watched Angelic Layer before I wrote this. Anyways due to the great similarities  of battling angels Iím going to have to do some serious editing before I continue. In the meantime this is the raw version.