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So you are interested in ordering a commission? Alright this what you need to know.


- No reselling my artwork.
-No using commissions for commercial reasons
-If used on another website credit me plz.

What I can draw

-Everything..^_~ I never turn down a challenge, but be aware of my art style to.


-Paypal greatly preferred. Once your commission as been accepted Iíll send you my paypal.
-If you choose to mail in a check or money order you do so at your own risk.
-Only friends and past patrons can pay after Iím done. If this is your first time ordering a commission you can pay it all at once or pay when the sketch is done.

How long will commission take?

-Usually 1-2 weeks I work pretty fast

Do you mail internationally?

I sure do =D $3.00 is the flat rate.

Image Quality?

If you need your commission at a certain DPI be sure to mention it in the description.


I can do Chibies but they are the same price as a reg commissions

Thatís all. Go here to Order if you think you would like one
Send me an email at for other questions.


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