Joseph and Yusra is an independent web-comic. Started in 2009 by yours truly. ^.^ It is meant to be updated monthly (18 pages) for the deviant group Muslim-Manga. I have high hopes for getting this published as a book in the Summer of 2010. If I can actually dish out 200+ pages by then, it will be my first completed manga. This story is written and drawn by me.

Iíve been asked numerous times if Iím Muslim. Nope, neither am I from Arabic descent. Iím just some crazy Christian girl with an odd fascination for other religions. My thirst for this kind of knowledge began when I created my characters Joseph and Yusra, then I realized.. oh dear this is a lot more complicated -__-; now I have to do some serious research on Judaism and Islam to make these characters work. So I bought two books ĎIslam for Idiotsí and ĎJudaism for dummiesí (I kid you not these books exist). I also talked to some really good Muslim friends online who helped me a lot. With their help I had enough confidence to actually proceed with this story and not worry about screwing up on some cultural misunderstanding.

    Rating: PG
    Date started: Summer 2009

If you wish to encourage me to finish this project give Joseph and Yusra hugs.