Name: Kudo Foundante

Model: DOC U

Age: 15

Eyes: Rose

Race: Angel

Distinguishing features: Scar, freckles

Choice of dress: frilly, formal, Old English, cute

Personality: sarcastic, slightly snobbish, critical, nice to people who are nice to him.

Love Interest: Mei-Mei

Special Ability: Fights with thread and wire


Iím currently saving up for a Senior Delf Luts (my first SD) Help me out by buying a photo print. All prints are framed in an 8 x10 matte frame and mailed for only $5.00 +$2 for shipping and handling.
Paypal preferred. If you donít have paypal you can mail a check or money order
contact me. Thanks again ^_^

yeah I'm cute [K1]
Another outfit I'm modelling in. Check out these cheesy snow effects =P [K2]
Modeling in a new outfit.  Wow my hair looks crazier than usual. [K3]
Glorious sunshine. This is why i love Summer

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