Metrocon 2009

My first planned phoot-shoot. Too bad the lighting was terrible and 3/4 pictures came out blurry. Also I wish I had done a lot of things differently. Iím not too happy with how these came out, but thatís what practice it for.

To whome these adorable kids belong to. You can get one free framed print mailed to you. Mouse-over the pictures for the titles and pick out one. Thanks again for participating in my photo-shoot


Yami and Kudo#1
Yami and Kudo #2
Yami Crush

Name: Yami
Owner: Crimsononi

Yami staring off

Name: Nikita
Owner: Ayumi-chan

Silence #2

Name: Silence
Owner: June

Nikita #2
Silence and Nikita #1
Silence and Nikita #2

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